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Pacifica Radio Archives ramps up its Campus Campaign

Pacifica Radio ArchivesThe Pacifica Radio Archives launched a new initiative to reach out to educators this week. I’m guessing that a lot of college and high school teachers still don’t know about all the historic audio goodies you can get from PRA. The archives’ “Campus Campaign” started in 2010 as a pilot project to integrate audio into the classes to two Professors: Lamont Yeakey of Cal State Los Angeles and Jose Maldonado of Los Angeles Mission College.

Since then many more teachers have taken advantage of the PRA’s audio collection, which now offers recordings in six fields: Civil Rights, U.S. History, Women’s Studies, Latin American Studies, LGBTQ Studies.

These are remarkable collections. I’ve written about the PRA’s women’s history initiative, which includes the voices of Judy Chicago, Delores Huerta, Yoko Ono, Simone de Beauvoir, and June Jordan.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this service, first register for a free subject specific mp3 disc from the categories above. You can order other ten hour subject specific mp3 discs for $10.00 each. The PRA can also help you assign the Campus Campaign to your class and/or customize your Campaign CD with substitute selections. And you can email the Archives or call the PRA at 1-800-735-0230 to get answers to your questions.

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