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Swedish podcast network picks up $5 million for expansion to US



Bonnier Growth Media has plunked down $5m to help the Swedish podcasting platform Acast expand its net across Europe and the United States.

Acast has digs in London and Stockholm. Now the organzation talking to people in the USA, “where recruitments for a coming launch are already in progress,” according to a Reuters update.

You can get already get boatload of US based podcasts on Acast, including Slate’s WeigelCast, Citizen Radio, Vice, and The Brian Lehrer Show.

Our podcasting maven Paul Riismandel did a profile of Acast last October. The platform’s strengths include letting podcasters deploy images and videos to accompany casts, plus a flexible approach to inserting ads into episodes.

“The disadvantage,” Paul noted, “is that [the ads] makes podcasts sound more like radio, possibly turning off listeners who like podcasts specifically because they don’t sound like commercial radio. Also, for the podcaster, it means their ads only run on Acast, not any other platform or app.”


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