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Deezer rolls out podcasts, 20k shows on demand

Deezer RadioLabThe proverbial second shoe is dropping from Deezer’s acquisition of Stitcher. The #2 global streaming service bought the podcast rich audio platform last October. Now it has announced the release of 20,000 entertainment, news, sports, and comedy shows on demand. This will include lots of content from NPR, the Financial Times, WNYC, plus Monocle 24, Radio Nova, Sveriges Radio, and Télérama.

They’ll all be ready for mobile searching and listening in the United Kingdom, France, and Sweden and then “rolling out internationally in the coming months,” according to the Deezer press release that we received last night.

Paul Riismandel interviewed Deezer Chief Marketing Officer Beth Murphy back when the Stitcher purchase happened. Paul asked Murphy if this acquisition was “a shot at broadcast radio.”

She said that “it’s both a competitor and an opportunity for terrestrial radio.” It’s a competitor in the sense that streaming music and podcasting are both newer categories where people spend their listening time. But it’s also an opportunity because Stitcher carries broadcast radio content. “That’s where we see mainstream consumers are still spending their time, in those channels.”

Read the rest of the interview here.



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