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Grassroots radio gets profile in new online archive

American Archives of Public BroadcastingThere’s a lot of remarkable stuff to check out in the American Archive of Public Broadcasting’s new work-in-progress website. Sure, there will be plenty of public TV footage of George Lucas and John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan and wuddever. But the content will also include a boatload of material from the Pacifica Radio Archives, WFMU in Jersey City, WDVX in Knoxville, Tennessee, Radio Bilingue, WERU in Maine, and other stations. 120 public broadcasting organizations, all told.

And the coolest thing is that you’ll be able to listen to all this stuff online. Alas, although the items are now listed, the audio/video access won’t happen until October 2015, but given that we’re talking about something like 2.5 million inventory records, it’s worth waiting for. The whole project is being put together by WGBH and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. According to the press release, listening/watching content will be available then via the archive’s Online Reading Room; plus curated collections by various scholars. I hope the developers will also include a remote sharing feature (see SoundCloud or YouTube).

Here’s the whole list of participants. Just another six months, so hang tight.


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