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DJ Boombox! stuff to check out this weekend

We got some interesting e-mail and Facebook updates this week from various developers who wanted to catch our eye (or ear). These included:

Boomboxfm. “Let us introduce you to your next favorite song,” the site explains. “Get free, downloadable songs every week directly to your inbox, personalized to your tastes. . . . We scour the world for the best undiscovered music so you don’t have to.” Basically you sign in and choose some genres and soon some tunes will arrive in your e-mail inbox. Will you like them? Let us know.

DJ Boombox! There is also the DJ Boombox, which has a Facebook page describing it as so:

“The DJ Boom Box™ is a 20 foot shipping container expertly fabricated into a giant ’80s boom box complete with sound and lights. The ‘tape decks’ open to reveal a full DJ booth, creating a concert/party vibe wherever your event may be. The boom box can be delivered and picked up before and after events easily. The DJ Boom Box has an on-board generator for events where power is an issue or can be plugged into a power source.”

Apparently the DJ Boom Box will make its first appearance at the 2015 Kentucky Derby Pegasus Parade. “We’re already starting to get booked up, so give us a call and reserve the Boom Box for your event now!” (The phone # is on the Facebook page).

Lastly there’s Sonicbids, which is a band networking site. You can search for bands. You can narrow down to the search to location or other criteria. You can get audio samples. And, of course, if you are a band you can sign up to be (hopefully) searched for and found and perhaps even be shipped somewhere in a 20 ft container (or not, maybe you’ll prefer to fly or drive).


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  1. Sharon Scott April 3, 2015 at 1:30 pm #

    ARTxFM is honored to debut the DJ Boombox at the 2015 Kentucky Derby Pegasus Parade!!!

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