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LPFM Watch: 90% of the Way There!

Seven new low-power FM construction permits granted in the last week bring the grand total up to 1792. One goes to third largest media market in the US, Chicago, where the Legend Media Network Group will serve the Ghanaian and broader African community of the city’s far north side at 98.3 FM.

Ninety miles to the north, Alive MKE received a permit for 101.7 FM in Milwaukee, WI, while the intriguingly named Get a Life! Foundation is authorized for 107.7 FM in Cape Coral, FL. Also receiving construction permits are La Primera Asamblea de Dios in Weslaco, TX, Genesis Center for Growth and Development in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Rosalinsa C Raabe Ministries in Edinburg, TX, and Behind the Sound Corp in Moca, PR.

At this point the FCC has processed 90% of all the applications filed in the 2013 window, which is a pretty remarkable feat to accomplish in just about fifteen months. Finishing that last 10%, however, may be slow going.

REC Networks has assembled a list of all the remaining applications pending a decision. Looking it over shows a fair number of MX groups of competing applications that need to be resolved, or circumstances where informal objections or petitions to deny have been filed against applications. These simply take longer for the Commission to deal with.

Also left to be resolved is a pile of applications associated with the infamous Antonio Cesar Guel, who is accused of improperly filing hundreds of LPFM applications, many using front groups that are alleged to barely exist except for the purpose of seeking an LPFM license. LPFM supporters are eagerly awaiting the Commission’s final word on these apps.


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One Response to LPFM Watch: 90% of the Way There!

  1. Ralph Martin April 8, 2015 at 4:11 pm #

    The key to the success of community radio such as LPFM is not in getting the license, but in what happens afterword. I know what it feels like; you get your licence after years of work; you build the station facilities with nothing more than a superhero’s heart; then you finally turn on the transmitter and realize: You’re work is just beginning and it will never end so long as the transmitter power switch is on.

    To some it’s this notion is the beginning of the end and the station will ultimately fail. But, to others — the wonderful folks who remember the superhero heart it took to get this far, it’s the dawn of a great community service that will last for many years!!!

    Congratulations to ALL LPFM BROADCASTERS!! Keep that heart!! You make a difference!!

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