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Can your radio receiver access 87.7 FM?

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Here at Radio Survivor we’ve been following the Great Debate over whether Low Power TV stations should be able to stream the 87.7 portion of their channel 6 frequency as an FM signal. A week ago Paul Riismandel noted that in Chicago Weigel Broadcasting is poised to run a Baby Boomer targeted “Me Music” format on that notch. Meanwhile the Federal Communications Commission is trying to decide whether the practice should be permitted at all (here are pro and con filings in that proceeding). The official FM band ranges from 88 to 108 MHz FM.

The other day it occurred to me, however, to check whether my car FM receiver can even access 87.7 FM. It turns out that it can’t. The lowest the LED screen goes is 87.9 FM (which enjoys a sort of special circumstances status on the FM band). My old boombox radio panel goes no lower than 88 FM. On the other hand, I’ve got an ancient Kensington “Super Delux” transistor AM/FM radio, and its FM dial wheel descends all the way down to 87.5!

Just for kicks, I spent some of the weekend trolling around looking at images of FM receiver panels. Here are some possible 87.7 FM getters (click the image for a closer look):


I’m guessing that these or similar receivers sometimes slip down a bit into the 87 FM zone, and that’s why lots of consumers can receive these intrepid little indie 87.7 FM stations. How about doing Radio Survivor a favor and checking your gear for us. Can you access 87.7 FM? If you can pinpoint the notch, can you hear anything? Please post a comment below on your findings. Thanks!

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