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The ‘Destination DIY’ Podcast Is Now ‘Rendered’

Portland-based podcaster Julie Sabatier has been producing the Destination DIY podcast for going on five years. The show highlights people and groups who are doing all sorts of things themselves, from making music to butchering meat. I first talked with Sabatier in November 2013, when she was conducting a crowdfunding campaign to cover monthly production in 2014.

Since then Destination DIY joined the Mule Radio Network, which downsized last June, and then found a new home with Maximum Fun, the artist-owned and listener-supported podcast network founded by Jesse Thorn, host of the podcast and public radio program Bullseye. Now the show announces a name change, to Rendered.

“After an uphill battle explaining that the show was about more than home improvement and crafts, it was time to rename the show to expand the association in people’s minds,” explains creator and host Julie Sabatier. “Rendered can have so many different meanings in a wide variety of creative fields from design to video games to cooking.”

The podcast’s first episode under the new moniker is a collaboration with Roman Mars and his popular show 99% Invisible. It explores the distinctive carpeting at Portland International Airport (PDX)—which is now being retired after decades of service–and the love so many travelers have for its funky, and even disorienting, 1980s palette and design.


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