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Return of the one minute radio show contest (this time from Montreal)

CHOQ one minute radio!

Montreal based CHOQ.CA of Montreal has launched the first round of its international 60 Second Radio contest. The challenge to producers: submit one minute audio clips to the station that grapple with the concept of liberty.

“Liberty can be expressed in different ways and take on multiple meanings,” the CHOQ announcement notes. “Freedom comes from within and our encounter with it can be sensed in many circumstances. We hope to listen to your own moment of freedom.”

Possible themes include (Google translate alert):

“Fiction, portraits, reports, collages, interviews, statements, radio art, environmental works, creative works, elements burlesque, humorous clips, all categories are accepted! So, a talk-have with your grand-mother, a political prisoner, send a clip Recorded from your parachute, the sound archive of Liberty … Sing a song with your prime minister? Be creative, work on it, do some nice editing and remember to cherish sound quality! Then send it in ! Use your smartphone, a mobile recorder, a professional studio. Just do it!”

The contest deadline is April 12, 2015. A jury will decide the winners and they will be broadcast hourly on CHOQ radio. The top picks will also be assembled and sent to various distribution networks, among them The World Association of Community Broadcasters (AMARC) and the Pacifica Network. Sponsors include Quebec University in Montreal and the Canadian Commission for UNESCO.

I’m glad to see the one minute radio contest staying alive. SoundArt Radio 102.5 FM in the Totnes area of Devon, United Kingdom ran a similar competition in the organization’s First Spark Radio Festival. The winners back in 2013 included a piece titled “The World’s Longest Musical Score” and a global ID check called “The World of Internet Radio.”

As for the CHOQ contest: here are the rules and here is the submission and upload form.

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