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How To Listen to Super Bowl XLIX on the Radio

Once again, it’s time for the big game and time to run down where you can listen to the Super Bowl on the radio. While most football fans will have plans to be as close to a TV as possible, there are still folks who want to catch the game but can’t be near a television, whether because of work or other circumstances.

I don't always listen to the Super Bowl but when I do I use a radio.

Westwood One Sports will be supplying Super Bowl XLIX to stations across the country, starting coverage at 2 PM ET on Sunday, February 2, with kick off at 6:30 PM ET. The flagship stations for the Seahawks and PatriotsKIRO 710 AM and WBZ 98.5 FM, respectively–each will have their own broadcast teams calling the game. The feed for all these stations is terrestrial only, and will not be available online.

Update Feb. 1, 2015: Unlike past years, some stations indeed are broadcasting the Super Bowl on their live internet streams, including KIRO in Seattle and WBZ in Boston.

Subscribers to SiriusXM can listen to the Seattle, New England or national broadcasts in English or a Spanish broadcast via their satellite receivers.

For internet audio streams US listeners can subscribe to NFL Audio Pass or use SiriusXM’s internet service. However, NBC will be streaming its live television coverage online for free this year to anyone on a US broadband connection. So even if you can’t watch, you can still listen, though television play-by-play is a different beast than radio.

However, the free NBC stream is not available to mobile broadband users. That’s only available for Verizon customers who subscribe to NFL Mobile.

International Super Bowl Radio Broadcasts

Outside the US radio coverage is spotty, while TV broadcasts are more widely available.

Those serving in the armed forces overseas can hear Westwood One’s Super Bowl broadcast on Armed Forces Radio.

Canadians can tune in the Super Bowl on TSN Radio stations or on SiriusXM Canada. .

Listeners in the UK can listen to the Super Bowl on BBC Radio 5 Live on medium wave (AM) and digital radio (DAB).

In December shortwave broadcaster Radio Miami International–which operates the station formerly owned by Family Radio– announced that WRMI would “cover numerous top sporting events in 2015.” Listed amongst the events is the Super Bowl. However, it doesn’t seem like there will be play-by-play. Rather, there will be twice daily updates at 9 AM and 9 PM ET. I emailed the station to get clarification and will update this post when I hear back.

If you know of an international radio broadcast not listed here, please tell us about it in the comments.

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