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More radio movies for the holidays

A quick addendum to my post on ten essential radio themed movies for the holidays. We got a pertinent tweet from @ResearchDirectr:

Ouchie! Indeed, FM should definitely be high up there on anyone’s list of movies about radio stations. The 1978 flick is about a free form FM station in Los Angeles and the war between corporate and local management over the perennial issue: who is running the show? FM includes Jimmy Buffet, Tom Petty, and Linda Ronstadt as themselves.

Also: On the Air Live With Captain Midnight (1978). Paul Riismandel writes:

“I saw this 70s b-movie as a kid on USA’s Night Flight, and the image of the teenage pirate protagonist broadcasting from his van, with an upside-down RCA mic hung in front of his face was forever burned into my psyche. The movie was so obscure that for years after I wondered if I had imagined it.

Then about seven years ago I tracked it down on DVD. As one might imagine it didn’t quite live up to the memory. But a great time capsule, nevertheless.”

Finally, here’s yet another list of radio movies from one of our readers. These include A Prairie Home Companion (2006), Radioland Murders (1994), and Tune In Tomorrow (1990), in which in-house radio scriptwriter Peter Falk begins drawing on a station office-romance for his on-air content. Enjoy!


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