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Dave Emory: community radio’s Edward Snowden skeptic

NSA document leaker Edward Snowden is a something close to a god to many of my friends. He certainly comes off as a candidate for sainthood in Laura Poitras’ documentary about him titled “Citizenfour.” But then there is community radio/podcast commentator Dave Emory’s take on the guy, summarized by the sobriquet he has given Snowden: “Eddie the Friendly Spook.”

Emory’s lengthy “Eddie the Friendly Spook” series certainly pulls no punches (“spook” being a slang name for spy). In July of 2013 he suggested that “in the background” of both Snowden “as well as his co-conspirators” at Wikileaks are “far-right, fascist elements,” most notably “big money” men like Peter Thiel and Carl Lundstrom. He accused both Snowden and Wikileaks’ Julian Assange of holding “far right political views.” Snowden may be working with a clandestine German intelligence operation, Emory added. In any event, Snowden’s actions “only make sense in the context of working to damage Obama.” Indeed, Emory charges, they “give every indication” of functioning as an “intelligence community destabilization operation.”

Snowden’s activities “may well alienate young, idealistic voters from Obama and, perhaps, direct naifs toward the 2016 candidacy of Rand Paul, the son of crypto-Nazi Ron Paul, Citizen Snowden’s candidate of choice,” Emory warned.

I am unable to come up with a response to this decidedly contrarian stance (except, obviously, to note its existence). Emory identifies himself as an “anti-Fascist researcher” (see YouTube above). I do periodically check in with Emory’s thoughts from time to time because he is, if nothing else, interesting and knowledgeable. He certainly does offer a perspective that contrasts greatly with the usual conspiracy oriented fare you hear on various community radio stations, which is generally supportive of Snowden. You can hear David Emory’s “For the Record” program on WFMU in New Jersey, KPFK in Los Angeles, KFJC in Los Altos Hills, California, and elsewhere.

More recently Emory reiterated his position on Snowden in Part 16 of his Snowden/Spook series, released in April:

“We end on a speculative note: Eddie the Friendly Spook’s economic and political theories are fascist and fundamentally opposed to Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal. His belief that we must get rid of Social Security and bring back the gold standard are propagated by the Ludwig von Mises Institute, the ideological font of Snowden’s political idol Ron Paul.”

I guess in the end all I can say is, well . . . any thoughts from Radio Survivor readers on this?


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4 Responses to Dave Emory: community radio’s Edward Snowden skeptic

  1. Jerry Drawhorn December 22, 2014 at 10:23 am #

    Well a good test of whether Snowden and wikileaks are actually right-wing (or obversely anti-democratic leftists) would be to seek if the leak coverage they produce actually includes materials other than those of Western nations. Certainly China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba and other nations use electronic communications and are involved in despicable, anti-democratic activities. It’s hard to believe that Snowden never encountered any NSA intercepts of Al Qaida or Taliban communications, for example. Or that Julian Assange hasn’t obtained any intelligence about Russian strategies against its former Warsaw Pact “allies”? Or any material released from the myriad right-wing groups in Europe or America?

    It does seem a bit strange.

    • Arbed December 25, 2014 at 2:38 am #

      Not really strange at all. You’re forgetting about the language barrier. There’s plenty of materials ON China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, etc in the Wikileaks releases – thousands and thousands of items on each of these countries, in fact; just go to and type in a keyword. But that’s not the same thing as FROM China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba – which, I think, is what you’re asking about.

      To have those materials, Wikileaks would be dependent on anonymous sources in those countries leaking and uploading them to it. Once received – assuming Wikileaks had the resources & foreign-language translators and analysts to understand whether these submissions were a) not fake, and b) of political and historical significance (they are a pretty small team, but I suppose they could access external volunteers to do these functions) – I’m sure they would publish them. But then, of course, these documents would be in non-English languages, so would/could you read these leaks FROM China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Cuba? Could you understand a single word of what the materials were about?

      Because, surely, Wikileaks would be going way beyond its remit if it were to translate these documents into English for your benefit. The dangers of introducing bias during the translation process flies in the face of what Wikileaks likes to call “scientific journalism” – reproducing complete, unredacted original source documents with no editorialising, so that readers can make up their own mind about the truth.

  2. theRabbit December 30, 2014 at 11:18 am #

    To call Ron Paul a fascist completely revokes any meaning behind the term. Hardly anyone in the legislature has done more to highlight the fascistic nature of the banker bailouts, corporate welfare, rise of the police-state, and dominance of the permanent bureaucracy of the ‘Security’ State over the three branches of government, and the corporatists’ (Fortune 500/Central Bankers) “Fourth Estate” officialdom. In fact, one of his frequent collaborators and co-sponsor on bills was his intellectual antecedent, Independent/Democratic Socialist Berney Saunders. If fascism is the marriage of corporations and the State (and it is), then Ron Paul is actually one of only a few anti-fascists that have served in decades. Look at his voting record – it actually matches the rhetoric. Another interesting fact, so inconvenient to “Leftists”, is that corporatism (whether Mussillini’s, Hitler’s, or Lenin’s), absolutely requires a massive welfare-state and an even larger secretive “security” state.

  3. teslark February 8, 2015 at 8:13 am #

    mises was anti-authorotarian.

    i myself believe snowden was cia trying to screw over the nsa or some other strange operation.

    however, the loose identification and association of his politics with a ‘theory’ of his actual identity as an intelligence counteroperative is total horseshit.

    social security has no savings mechanism. there is no lock box. i am 35 . i’ve paid years of social security that the governmetn will never be able to pay back because the govenrment is over-indebted.

    both keynesianism ( endless money printing to stimulate ‘demand’ ) as well as thoughtless introduction of a gold standard can both be used for auhoritarianism.

    a gold standard, or ANY STANDARD which prevents endless streams of money printing is of course just going to unmask the decades of destruction wrought by issuing debts that can never be paid, but only rolled over. the second any standard is brought it will interrupt the roll-over process, in turn creating a financial and political crisis.

    the real question is HOW IS THE CRISIS USED, OR RESPONDED TO, in a productive social manner where we try to ‘fix’ or re-order things? or in an authoritarian manner?

    the dream that a white knight will come in and print the money for the right thing without interrupting the finances of the major wall street banks and americans and the government, essentially a POLITICAL fantasy rooted in financial impossibility, is ridiculous.

    when an individual is overindebted that means , by definition, it is when they can no longer borrow.

    when a nation that issues reserve currency is overindebted , it means no only will their foreign creditors no longer accept their currency, but their own CITIZENS are experiencing extremely high inflation and the currency is becoming useless.

    gold, and the existence of more bartering and even trinkets like bitcoin, are responses to high inflation(stgflation) of the u.s. dollar that is occuring BECAUSE the country is overindebted and the debt can never be paid back. so more money must be printed and, the money gets less and less useful for its economic function.

    you can see a political systems interaction with a financial system as a train running on a set of tracks. the more the government wants to DO, the more money they print, the more weight of cargo the train takes on (money is printed as debt , which can be metaphorically linked to cargo having a ‘cost’ )

    as more and more cargo is laden onto the train by successive regimes, the government becomes so heavy that it has a hard time maneuving and stopping and starting at will. eventually the train no longer functions even as the motor is running full steam.

    the gold standard isn’t a choice . it isn’t really even a standard. the notion that any government, aurhoritarian or non-authoritarian would willingly limit itself is almost patently ridiculous. governments don’t willing shrink, same as families and corporations.

    families shrink because people age and die. corporations shrink when they unwilling yield to their own previous financial mistakes coinciding with engative external market conditions.

    gold bullion is not a standard it is a metal. the existence of any physical asset without counterparty risk having a tradition of acceptance at banks as something of value is just another FORM of good assets, in a sea of bad assets (bad debt—treasuries yeilding zero percent are like money with a return date for the extra principle. ).

    simply because this guy snowden has a political opinoin about the authoritarian tyranny of endless programs supported with money printing , a perhaps un-nuanced view—doesn’t mean he is outright facist.

    also you refer to fdr as the all powerful good guy. you of all people should know fdr was NOT this and just because some people wanted to kill him does not mean he wasn’t a patrician and powerful man supporting american imperialism. youre entire world view may be focussed on juxtaposing nazi bad guys with everyone else as a good guy, but this is not a realistic way of developing theories of who is what and what is what.

    unfortunately, it takes a lot of time to learn about how money really exists as a tool of banking and as a tool of kings. the political economics of finance and debt are actually not that complex, but it is hard to unteach a generation of people brainwashed by the voodoo science of modern ‘economics’ and ‘financial journalism’ which is sewer of stupidity.

    history is a much better teacher of money. and history teaches us that when ANY power can be abused by those who wield it, that it eventually MUST be abused by the game theoretic nature of power. those who would be restrained in refusing to abuse power MUST and RARELY possess the power and foresite to stop those who would replace them in order to abuse that power.

    when it comes to money—debasing metal currency coins. or printing endless pallets of paper bank notes of government terasury notes——it is the same dynamic.

    gold is a good asset not because it’s a currency, but because, like paper , currencies can be coined and made from it’s elemental material. only it’s not paper. it’s a metal in short supply that doesn’t oxidize. copper has been used for coins too!.

    lots of things have.

    and they will again unless a new bretton woods occurs. and a new bretton woods won’t happen without massive authoritarian power being wielded, and probably not even then, until after a third world war.

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