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LPFM Watch: New Community Radio Stations Coming to Chicago, Toledo, Philadelphia, and More

As I compose this post, it’s “stormageddon” in the San Francisco Bay Area. On stormy days like this, I’m incredibly grateful for hyper-local media like low power FM radio stations. We’ve been glued to local TV news to see the trajectory of wind and rain today and I’ve also never heard so many Emergency Alert messages transmitted over the college radio station where I volunteer (KFJC). With all that said, here’s this week’s belated LPFM news, a bit delayed by technical difficulties.

Dismissals This Week

The following groups had their LPFM applications dismissed this week: Roots & Culture (Chicago, IL), Divine Redeemer Presbyterian Church (Chicago, IL), Minneapolis Believers in Christ (Minneapolis, MN), The Summit-University Planning Council (Saint Paul, MN), SEDC Communication Corporation (Washington, DC), Taxi Workers Alliance of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA), Philadelphia Student Union (Philadelphia, PA), Asian Americans United (Philadelphia, PA), Action United (Philadelphia, PA), Media Mobilizing Project (Philadelphia, PA), Nuestra Gente Community Projects (Toledo, OH), Philadelphia Public Access Corporation (Philadelphia, PA), Kutztown University (Kutztown, PA), and Society of Assisi (Bartlett, TN).

New Construction Permits this Week to Churches, College, and other Community Groups

In the past week, 23 groups were granted new low power FM construction permits. Some of the following are subject to time-share agreements. Grantees include:

Schools and Colleges:

East Missisippi Community College (Mayhew, MS)

Tipton-Rosemark Academy, Inc. (Rosemark TN)

Churches/Religious Groups:

La Iglesia Cristiana de Oxnard (Ventura, CA)

Centro Cristiano El Sermon del Monte (Raleigh, NC)

Word of Life Christian Fellowship (Galloway, NJ)

Hearts Afire Ministries, Inc. (Egg Harbor Township, NJ)

Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration (South Bend, IN)

Cardinal Newman School (Columbia, SC) – Will air a Catholic talk format


City of Charlestown, IN (Charlestown, IN)

Other Community, Arts, and Social Justice Groups:

Greater Philadelphia Asian Culture Center, Inc. (98.5 FM in Philadelphia, PA): As part of a time-share with the Uptown Entertainment and Development Corporation, this group will broadcast from 3am to 3pm every day. According to its application, the Greater Philadelphia Asian Culture Center is focused on cultural diversity and the local Chinese community. Interestingly, its application states that it will promote “the interests and needs of the Chinese language population in Cupertino.” This is similar to some applications for LPFMs in other cities, which may be why the application inadvertently left in the name of a non-Philly-area city.

Uptown Entertainment and Development Corporation (North Philadelphia, PA): In a time-share with Greater Philadelphia Asian Culture Center

New Culture Center in the Midwest (St. Paul, MN) – Focused on the Chinese community

African Community Senior Services (Minneapolis, MN)

Public Media Institute (Chicago, IL)

Center for Hmong Arts and Talent (St. Paul, MN)

Thomas Dale District 7 Planning Council (St. Paul, MN)

Greensboro Radio Project, Inc. (Greensboro, NC)

Women’s Civic Improvement Club of Sacramento, Inc. (Sacramento, CA) – Will air programming related to the group’s work in the community, as well as music (R&B, jazz, and church music)

Toledo Integrated Media Education, Inc. (Toledo, OH)

24-7 Broadcasting, Inc. (Cincinnati, OH)

Flint Odyssey House Inc. (Flint, MI) – This group is concerned with addiction services and education

Michigan Specialized Communications Group Inc. (Flint, MI) – This non-profit is devoted to amateur radio.


Radio Survivor reports on LPFM news every Thursday in our LPFM Watch feature.


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