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Looking for high school radio? There’s an app for that

High School Radio Day Android applicationI am enjoying the High School Radio Day Android application, brought to our attention by Kelly Jones of Columbus County Schools. After you download the app, the High School Radio Day logo bounces into the middle of the screen, and then you can pick the high school station of your choice. By my count there are at least 30 to choose from. These include Argo Community High School of Summit, Illinois, “Radio Airlift” of Beverly Hills, California, and KEOM of Mesquite, TX.

Once happily listening to some station, you’ve got your sharing options link, your link to the HSRD Facebook page, and a page that links to additional high school radio stations. When I fired up the application, it immediately sent me to KDHS-LP, licensed to serve Delta Junction, Alaska. The station was playing an old Led Zepplin song, Ten Years Gone, which I have to admit I’d forgotten about for a lot more than a decade. Pleased to hear it again.

High School Radio Day, by the way, is on April 23. Last April’s was the 3rd annual event, celebrated by around 63 such stations around the USA. Now HSRD revelers will have their own interface for secondary school radio surfing. If you want to bring appropriate signals to the app-maker’s attention: send an email to

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