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The Importance of Radio History in the On-Demand Digital Age

A fantastic article was recently posted on Antenna Blog – a media and cultural studies blog operated by graduate students and faculty in Media & Cultural Studies at UW-Madison – that makes a number of strong claims about the need to study old media, including radio history. Its author, John McMurria, is an Assistant Professor at UC San Diego.

In his piece, “Why Care about Radio Broadcast History in the On-Demand Digital Age?“, McMurria argues:

Locating and making publicly accessible radio broadcasts and their supporting archival documents facilitates placing our media past within their particular material locations in place and time while mitigating the generalized understandings that radio broadcasting’s past was a ‘mass’ media of little variety, low quality and limited engagement.”

This article is a great fit for Radio Survivor’s Academic Series so we figured we would enthusiastically share the link. You can check it out over at Antenna Blog.



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