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I Am What I Play: the YouTube trailer

Here’s an update to a documentary-in-progress that we’ve been keeping an eye on. Roger King of Toronto writes to let us know that he has released a YouTube trailer for his doc on the glory days of the rock deejay “I Am What I Play.” Voila!:

“They Played What They Wanted to Play,” the trailer says of DJ legends Meg Griffin, Charles Laquidara, David Marsden and Pat O’Day. “I would combine Peggy Lee’s ‘Fever’ with Shostakovitch,” Laquidara of Boston’s WBCN recalls. “Ramones to Tony Bennett,” adds Griffin of WNEW in New York City. “It’s the beauty of free form.”

But in the end they all ran into trouble with the Suits Upstairs. In fact, the film interviews one of The Suits (who is actually wearing a suit). “My average quarter hour ratings [were] going down,” he protests, “and Meg didn’t care.”

I can’t wait until this film comes out. You can get updates on “I Am What I Play” via Twitter and Facebook.


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