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Highbrow podcasts: a short list

podcast survivorRough notes post here: some brainy podcasts that come to mind . . .

The New Yorker podcast: Listen to John Cheever fiction read out loud, a reflection on the life of Nina Simone, a summary of the faceoff between feminism and transgenderism, and ongoing meditations about Ferguson, Iraq, and Gaza.

The MIT courseware podcast. Stem cell concepts. The Early Universe. Finance Theory. Origami and Geometric Folding Basics. You name it (or have never heard of it), MIT has it.

The Jazz Corner podcast. Interviews with the world’s top jazz musicians. Oscar Hernandez on Latin jazz. Rudresh Mahanthappa on India influenced saxophone jazz. Gregory Porter on socially conscious jazz lyrics. Cutting edge stuff on a perenially cutting edge genre.

The China in Africa podcast. Yes, you read that correctly. China and Ethiopia. China and South Africa. Does Al Jazeera get China in Africa right? You’ll never think the same way about China or Africa again.

The podcast. Classical recordings circa 1917. Handel’s favorite charitable cause: helping abandoned children. The personal life of Gesualdo. Awesome stuff and tons of it.

The New York Museum of Modern Art podcast. Doesn’t seem like MOMA has kept up with these since last October, but still an awesome list of talks on everyone from Motherwell to Oldenburg.

These are some highbrow podcasts. Feel free to suggest yours below . . .

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