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LPFM News: Flurry of New Grants will Satisfy Metalheads, Church Goers, and Environmentalists

After a pretty slow summer, this week we saw a marked difference in LPFM grants, with the FCC granting construction permits for 33 applicants so far, bringing the grand total to 1281 grants in this LPFM application window. As REC Networks has pointed out, many of the new grants are due to applicants amending applications and breaking out of mutually exclusive (MX) groups. You can monitor some of the recent amendments on REC Networks’ site. This week’s crop of grantees includes a wide range of non-profits, including churches, schools, local communities, and cause-related groups. I was particularly excited to see that one station, Rage, Inc. in Wassila, Alaska, will have programming devoted entirely to the cause of preserving metal music. Only a few applications were dismissed this week, including Iglesia La Vi A (Louisville, KY), and Calvary Chapel of Hayward (Hayward, CA).

Here’s the run-down of the groups with newly granted LPFM construction permits this week:

14 Churches/Religious Groups:

Santa Maria Valley Media Ministry (Nipomo, CA) – granted on 8/19/14 (has nearly identical educational purpose/programming as Radio Vida N Life)

Queens Avenue Community Church (Yuba City, CA) – granted on 8/20/14

Church of the Salvation Arc (Kennewick, WA) – granted on 8/20/14

Diocese of Rapid City (Rapid City, SD) – granted on 8/20/14

Ukrainian Church of Evangelical Faith (Kent, WA) – granted on 8/20/14

Ministerio PR Ncipe De Paz Internacional Inc. (Omaha, NE) – granted on 8/20/14

Radio Vida N Life Inc. (Bellingham, WA) – granted on 8/20/14 (has nearly identical educational purpose/programming with Santa Maria Valley Media Ministry)

St. Francis Xavier Gift Shop (Wenatchee, WA) – granted on 8/20/14. Will broadcast Catholic programming.

Stateline Community Church (Walla Walla, WA) – granted on 8/20/14

Calvary Chapel of Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara, CA) – granted on 8/20/14

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Parish (Walla Walla, WA) – granted on 8/21/14

Templo de Dios, Inc. (Fort Worth, TX) – granted on 8/21/14

Ministerio Palabra de Vida, Inc. (Reno, NV) – granted on 8/21/14

William D. Manser (First Unitarian Universal Life Church of Hanford in Hanford, CA) – granted on 8/21/14. Station will air gospel, big band, blues music and church news.

1 College/Educational Institution

Western Dakota Technical Institute (Rapid City, SD) – Granted on 8/20/14

1 City/Municipality

City of Kent, Washington (Kent, WA) – granted on 8/21/14

17 Miscellaneous Non-Profit Groups

Sincere Seven (Washington, DC) – granted on 8/19/14: The planned LPFM station will help raise awarenesss about “civil liberties issues,” and will also promote local “arts and culture.”

Santa Clarita Organization for Planning the Environment (Santa Clarita, CA) – granted on 8/20/14: This station will have an “environmental education” focus and will also include programming of interest to the local community.

Ojai Community Radio (Ojai, CA) – granted on 8/20/14: The new LPFM station will provide emergency information, public information and programming in the public interest in collaboration with local educational groups.

Ntrepid Group (Chattaroy, WA) – granted on 8/20/14: Ntrepid Group is focused on broadcasting and is expanding its work by starting up a radio station.

Sacramento Area Peace Action (Sacramento, CA) – granted on 8/20/14: The new station plans to air “community public affairs” programming and “local political dialogue.”

Dream Ahead the Empowerment Initiative (Stockton, CA) – granted on 8/20/14: This group plans to use radio to “reach out to those affected by disabilities…and educate others about living with disabilities.”

Salem Progressive Film Series (Salem, OR) – granted on 8/20/14: This group runs a documentary film series and hosts filmmaker events. The new station will extend that work with related radio programs.

Tool Shed PDX (Portland, OR) – granted on 8/20/14: Tool Shed works to “provide community access to shared infrastructure,” through the sharing of studio space as well as through education, training, and business incubation.

Santa Clarita Public Service Broadcasters Corp. (Santa Clarita, CA) – granted on 8/20/14. Plans to devote 40% of schedule to local community programming, 30% to local religious programming, 25% to music, 5% to syndicated news.

Opal Environmental Justice Oregon (Portland, OR) – granted on 8/21/14

Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (Portland, OR) – granted on 8/21/14

Education through Media Foundation (Belle Isle, FL) – granted on 8/21/14. Will provide media training, community programs, and air weekly community hour with the mayor. This station will time-share (2pm-2am)  with LLAAB.

LLAAB Inc. (Lake Mary, FL) – granted on 8/21/14. Will air segments about common core standards, graduation requirements, and other topics to aid students and families. Time share (2am to 2pm) with Education through Media.

Rage, Inc. (Wasilla, AK) – granted on 8/21/14. This new LPFM is devoted to the preservation of metal music. It will play metal and provide information about the history of metal and its artists.

South Coast Community Media Access Center (Santa Barbara, CA) – granted on 8/21/14. This group already runs a media center and public access station TV Santa Barbara and plans to expand programming onto its new LPFM station.

Grand Valley Peace and Justice (Grand Junction, CO) – granted on 8/21/14.

Sam-Sno Educational Media (Olympia, WA) – granted on 8/21/14. Formerly operated a LPFM station (KCFL-LP) in Fall City, WA.


Radio Survivor reports on LPFM news every Thursday in our LPFM Watch feature.


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