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Radio Survivor Visits Gramophoney Baloney Show at KPOO-FM in San Francisco

On Monday, fellow Radio Survivor Matthew Lasar and I were guests on the Gramophoney Baloney radio show at community radio station KPOO-FM in San Francisco. Matthew has written numerous times about his love for this radio show and he’s even followed its host DJ Schmormac from station to station.

Entrance to KPOO

Although I didn’t know too much about the program, I thoroughly enjoyed it and was impressed by the wide array of vintage recordings that Schmormac has found. With an emphasis on old-time music from all over the world, the Gramophoney Baloney show had many unexpected surprises, including a live performance this week by a local duo and a phone interview from a prominent vintage music collector. To top it off, Matthew and I were called upon to hum a patriotic song. You can read more about our visit on Spinning Indie, where I’ve chronicled more than 50 radio station visits so far.

You can also listen to an archive of Monday’s program here.


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