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FCC releases Low Power FM MX list for western United States

#lpfmThe Federal Communications Commission has released a compendium of 79 Mutually Exclusive (MX) application groups for Low Power FM radio stations for states on the western side of the country. There are 248 applications all told. The FCC will now apply its points system for deciding which applicants among these clusters will actually get an LPFM license. Groups can unite for time sharing arrangements to improve their chances.

The states on the list include Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Texas, Utah, Oregon, and Washington.

Not surprisingly the biggest cluster is in Los Angeles. There are ten MXers mentioned, and they have all scored the same number of points (5) for “established community presence,” “local program origination,” “diversity,” and other positive attributes. Ditto for San Francisco, where four MX applications have reached the five point plateau for one MX group. There’s a big cluster in Washington state, too.

A 30-day petition-to-deny period now commences, along with a 90-day window to file voluntary time-share proposals and “major change amendments.” The agency has also released a list of second-adjacent waiver requests.



One Response to FCC releases Low Power FM MX list for western United States

  1. John McNary July 9, 2014 at 2:49 pm #

    What a mess. Look at the Los Angeles traffic jams on 101.5 and 99.1. Those stations do not stand a chance to get on the air without causing significant second channel adjacent jamming for 101.1, 101.9, 98.7 and 99.5.

    Look at 99.1. How are stations in Simi Valley, San Fernando and Venice going to time share, and still serve a community? None of the 100 watt signals will make it from one station’s service areas to the next.

    The FCC should examine the applications in the context of actually getting on the air without creating terrible second channel interference before it dismisses the others. Some of those stations that have 4 points can get on the air without time sharing and without the massive second channel problems.

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