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Steam Radio Syndicate Tugboat

Ain’t No Pirate Ship: Tugboat Produces Radio from Willamette River

There’s a new radio studio docked on the shores of the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon’s St. John’s neighborhood, but this ain’t no pirate ship. A 1940s steam-powered tugboat is the new home of Steam Radio Syndicate, which made its debut broadcast on community station KBOO last Friday night.

As Oregon Live reported,

The show will have some aspects in common with an NPR show – you’ll hear true stories, for example – but Steam Radio Syndicate aims to give voice to those outside a typical public radio purview. There are no tote bags, no “sponsored by” messages.

“We have a bit more radical sensibility,” said Galen Huckins, one of the show’s founders.

One project covers “The Great American Myth,” such as an episode that examines myths about the Amazon.

I got a little behind on my news reading, and so I regret that I just learned about the broadcast today. However, there will be more broadcasts to come. The existing episodes are not yet available to listen on their website, but I hope they’ll be there soon.

In the meantime, check out their promotional video:

Steam Radio Syndicate from Steam Radio Syndicate on Vimeo.


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