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LPFM Watch: New Radio Stations Coming to Military Academy and Jazz Institute, plus more LPFM News

Although there hasn’t been much LPFM news this week, the handful of newly granted construction permits represent an interesting cross-section of community groups. As of May 7, there have been 1193 applications granted. The new grantees this week include the following:

Community Action Corp (Isabela, Puerto Rico) – This group has as its mission to help reduce the incidence of drug addiction in its community through educational programming. According to its application, the new station will air “…programming…directed to our social problems” along with “contemporary music.” Some of the proposed programs will focus on narcotics, therapy, pregnancy and drugs, a Bible study, and a monthly open mike.

American Jazz Institute (Palm Desert, CA) – According to its application, the American Jazz Institute currently runs educational programs that include mentoring, scholarships, and classes. The Jazz Institute plans to “…expand its educational programs to include teaching broadcast skills to young people…”

Lay Brothers of the Poor (El Centro, CA) – Lay Brothers of the Poor plans to air religious programming with a “Catholic Talk format,” according to its application.

Massanutten Military Academy (Woodstock, VA) – The college preparatory school plans to utilize the new LPFM station for “educational programs (live on-air classes), news, music, public affairs, school related activities” and more, according to its application.

Appalachian Media Outreach (Renfro Valley, KY) – This group already holds a LPFM license for WJJA-LP in East Berstadt, Kentucky and plans to utilize the new station in order to “…give hands-on experience with broadcast equipment to unemployed, low income people in the Eastern KY region” and “…to educate our local community on environmental issues.” It’s expected to have a schedule made up of 90% information and education and 10% music.

Owl Learning Center (Pittsburg, TX) – Owl Learning Center plans to broadcast “…GED, ESL, and on the job training information” and hopes to air “live broadcasts from schools and job fairs, interviews with educators…and interviews with prospective employers,” according to its application.

A few applications were dismissed this week, including those from the Trustees of Indiana University (Kokomo, IN), Little Priest Tribal College (Winnebago, IN), Iglesia de Dios Para Las Naciones (Phoenix, AZ), Adelante Naturopathic Center (El Paso, TX), Bellaire Radio of the Community (Bellaire, TX), and Radio Voz Mundial Inc. (Miami, FL)

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