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One Response to Is Sprint worth six free months of Spotify Premium?

  1. johntom May 1, 2014 at 7:54 am #

    This may sound unbelievable, but Sprint is improving! I’ve had Sprint for 6 years, I live in between 2 mid size markets in Ohio (Akron/Canton) in which there was no LTE Until about 5 months ago, there was maybe 2 spots in Canton (smaller of the 2 markets). While commuting throughout NE Ohio, I began noticing more and more LTE in other markets, even smaller than Akron/Canton! Akron was the most recent to go get it, but now my entire commute between work/school/home and everywhere in between has LTE. It’s great! I will say, we recently started a Framily with 8 lines ($25/month/line) and now we’re saving a TON each month, but the data overages have hindered our Data usage. I’m kinda bummed because I feel like we’ve had unlimited data on a network that was previously too slow to even stream music on, and now that it’s faster we’ve capped our usage. That can be changed later (for a cost) but regardless, $25/month/line is pretty great! They’re also offering ETA reimbursement, and they’ve flipped the switch on HD voice, which is actually pretty great, even just between mine and my wife’s phones (GSIII and EVO LTE). I honestly think Sprint is turning a corner and getting on the road to improvement. Maybe not greatness, but improvement.
    Also, Unlimited everything plans start @ $60/month, that’s still pretty good! standard Framily Plan includes 1GB data/line, 3 GB for an extra $10/month and unlimited for an extra $20/month.

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