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Are you ready for the Lang Lang classical music app challenge?

Classical pianist Lang Lang has called for classical music lovers and developers to come up with a new mobile application for listening to classical music.

“Participants in the Competition must present an application concept for mobile devices (Telephone, Tablet, etc.), to bring classical music to users in an original and attractive manner,” the Terms and Conditions page of the contest explains.

There is one slight catch:

“The concept must be original and innovative, and it must include a reference to the musician Lang Lang. Apps which are already available in the market or which have been presented to other competitions will be accepted, provided they have a distinctive characteristic developed specifically for Lang Lang.”

Ok, well, Lang Lang is a pretty cool performer (I think he would agree with me on this), so pop him into your app description somewhere. It has got to work in English and Spanish; iOS and Android. You can submit the application proposal here. Top prize is 30,000 Euros. The submission is due by April 15. I’m not sure in which time zone, so hurry.

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