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LPFM backer in Congress has “serious concerns” about FCC net neutrality plan

Representative Mike Doyle (D-PA) just sent us a press release sharing his worries about the Federal Communications Commission’s new proposed ‘commercially reasonable’ Open Internet rules.

“I have serious concerns about the FCC’s proposal and the effects it might have on access, content, innovation, and consumers’ pocketbooks,” Doyle says. “An open internet is essential to fostering innovation, protecting small businesses, and protecting the consumer’s ability to access and evaluate unadulterated content.”

Like Paul Riismandel, I’m puzzling over proposed rules that would allow priority access deals but ban “commercially unreasonable” activity, a concept that sounds so vague you could drive a Comcast truck through it.

Doyle championed the cause of Low Power FM in the House for years until a law allowing the Commission to license more of them was passed in 2010. In fact, the very first story that Radio Survivor published was about a hearing on LPFM presided over by the Representative.

“I strongly urge the FCC to take the necessary steps to ensure that the Internet remains an open and accessible platform for all,” Doyle’s statement concludes.


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One Response to LPFM backer in Congress has “serious concerns” about FCC net neutrality plan

  1. Sherry Gendelman April 28, 2014 at 7:16 am #

    A related story appears in the NY Times April 28, 2014. It suggests strengthening Municipal networks. It is a great idea, so good attempts already to crush it are underway.

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