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Podcast Survivor: The Week in Podcasting News and Stories

It’s been kind of a quiet week on the podcasting news front this week. Adam Carolla continues to make the rounds in support of his Save Podcasts Legal Defense Fund and has set up a Soundcloud page with clips from shows discussing the patent troll case. The fund’s benefit event added comedian and podcaster Doug Benson to the lineup. It happens this Thursday at the Redondo Beach, CA Performing Arts Center.

Here’s a few more podcasting stories that crossed the transom.

The Public Radio Exchange blog profiles a recent episode of Benjamen Walker’s Theory of Everything podcast that exploits binaural recording to explore wearable technology using an immersive soundfield. The show is is part of the inagural line-up of PRX’s Radiotopia network.

boingboing’s Cory Doctorow reports on binge listening to the three-year run of the Oh No Ross and Carrie podcast. The show is “hosted by two former Evangelical Christians turned skeptics, who join cults and fringe religions, visit psychics and healers of varying degrees of woo-ness, and partake of quack remedies and other newage rituals.” It recently joined the Maximum Fun podcast network.

Finally, This American Life, which is a radio show as well as a podcast, announced that it is parting ways with long-time syndicator Public Radio International. The separation is effective June 1. In a short blog post host and producer Ira Glass assures listeners that “We’ll continue to make our radio show and podcast. The same public radio stations will continue to broadcast it.”

While PRI handled broadcast distribution, TAL took care of its own podcast and digital distribution. Thus there’s speculation that the show is looking for a distributor/syndicator that can take care of the whole package. PRX distributes Sound Opinions, which is also produced by Chicago Public Media’s WBEZ, and seems to be the oddsmaker’s favorite.

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