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Comedy Bang Bang, SModcast, and Pocketnow win Stitcher awards

Live at the Stitcher Awards

Snap Judgment’s Glynn Washington getting the Stitcher Awards going.

I walked from my San Francisco house to the Second Annual Stitcher Awards last night, and there was Mr. Snap Judgment himself announcing winners.

“If you and your friends didn’t know what podcasting was last year, that’s on you,” Glynn Washington told a Mission District audience of podcasters. “If you still don’t know this year, get yourself some new friends.”

This was followed by a meditation on his mother and Jesus (really). Then came the awards. Stitcher listeners cast 230,000 votes for shows in almost 20 categories. And the drum roll please:

Best Overall Show: The Joel Rogan Experience; Best Storytelling: The Moth; Best Technology: The Pocketnow Weekly; Best Comedy: Comedy Bang Bang; Best Entertainment and Pop Culture: SModcast >> Hollywood Babble-On.

Here are the rest of the winners. PS: Good Job Brain did a fun pre-show trivia quiz. PPS: I had an interesting conversation with this guy.

Good Job  Good Job Brain!

Good Job Good Job Brain!


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2 Responses to Comedy Bang Bang, SModcast, and Pocketnow win Stitcher awards

  1. Isaac January 31, 2014 at 8:05 am #

    I’m Disappointed that TESD did not win best Overall Podcast…
    Everything SMod is pure gold, and all I know is that I voted for the guys of TESD, and at least they were nominated. because that is the Podcast I look forward to the most.
    I’m glad What Say You? won best new Podcast though, great show. and Super glad that Hollywood Babble On won too. those are my favorites.

    Next year TESD, next year…

  2. Jennifer January 31, 2014 at 9:07 am #

    Thanks, Matthew! Is there a place where we can see all the nominees?

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