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Decorating for audio nerds: “Advance of Audio Apparatuses” poster

Advance of Audio ApparatusesAs Radio Survivor’s technology editor, I have to come clean as the biggest audio nerd here. That’s why I’m seriously geeking out over this Pop Chart Lab poster of the “Advance of Audio Apparatuses.” If their marketing strategy was to get audio nerd bloggers like me to link to it for free publicity… well, it worked.

Audio Apparatuses detailRadios, of course, take up a good middle of the chart, when receivers and phonographs were most people’s primary audio devices. Though, radios and turntables are represented all the way up to the modern day, too, including a (cheap, plastic) Crosley USB turntable and a Pure One Classic Series digital radio from the UK.

See, this poster is proof these technologies haven’t been abandoned yet.

Nerd that I am, I also was quite thrilled to see the oft-forgotten minidisc three times. Yes, some days it doesn’t take much to make me happy.


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