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The art of wiring a Palm Treo to your car stereo

Shortly after posting my piece about BlueToothing my Droid Razr to my Panasonic car stereo, I got this fascinating response from San Diego based indie consultant Bob Hudson:

“I put Internet radio in my car back in 2005,” Hudson wrote, “connecting a Palm Treo through the car’s audio system using one those audio adapters that fits into a car’s cassette player (remember tape????).”

#netradioincarIn those days, Hudson continued:

” . . . the data connections on what were not yet called ‘smartphones’ was quite slow, but many radio stations offered low-bandwidth connections and thus I was able to cruise around Southern California listening to my favorite blues station (from Kansas City). It was actually easier to do that back then because there were so few models of phones that it was possible to buy a cradle custom-made for your phone. It had audio and power connections so all you had to do was slide the phone into the cradle and it was connected to the car.”

Wireless streaming parody


Reading Bob’s account, 2005 feels like such a long time ago. The iPhone was still two years away. The first 4G handset was five years off. Wireless subscribership hadn’t reached 70 percent of the population (it would pass 90 percent in 2009). And the Palm Treo is long gone, replaced by the Palm Pre series.

But Hudson saw it all coming: “Long before internet radio was available on the go I did a parody piece [see image on right] and actually got several emails from people at tech companies wanting to know more about this miracle streaming device.”

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3 Responses to The art of wiring a Palm Treo to your car stereo

  1. Hunter King October 14, 2013 at 8:30 am #

    here’s a crazy car stereo fad I’ve taken part in: buying off-brand Chinese android car stereo units like these:

    It’s actually kind of a dream. They still have normal FM radio functions (and bluetooth synching!) but I just recently started using TuneIn to listen to stations halfway across the nation like my alma mater WESU and Lafayette’s cajun-heavy KRVS. I can use the same podcast apps I use on my phone too. But like most dreams there’s really wonky bits as android was absolutely not developed to be your car stereo.

  2. Perfect Car Audio Installation January 15, 2014 at 2:29 am #

    Connecting palm treo into car audio is a great idea. Your blog is very well written and is very informative in terms of connecting pal treo into car audio.


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