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2 days left to help Prometheus support the next wave of LPFM community radio

Prometheus Radio logoThere are just a little more than two days left in Prometheus Radio Project’s IndieGogo fundraiser. As I explained when the fundraiser went live:

The goal is to raise $20,000 by October 9 to help support the most promising groups who have successful LPFM applications. The funding will help Prometheus support its engineering and technical team, hold at least 10 online technical trainings, coordinate regional hands-on trainings for new stations, and dedicate staff time for individual station support.

Even with the government shutdown creating some uncertainty about when the LPFM license window will open, it is still going to happen. And when it’s over and the construction permits are assigned, many stations will need help getting off the ground. That’s why help from Prometheus is important even after the license window has closed.


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