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FCC to hold next LPFM webinar on October 3

#LPFMAttention potential low-power FM applicants: the FCC’s second, and probably final, webinar for you is happening October 3 from 1 PM to 2:30 PM Eastern time at Keep in mind that the window for submitting your LPFM application starts just 12 days later, October 15 – 29.

This webinar will focus primarily on questions and answers so you can ask Media Bureau staff about things like using the LPFM Channel Finder, creating a CDBS account for submitting your application online and more detailed questions on the application (Form 318) itself.

The Commission is accepting questions during the webinar by email to or via twitter using the hashtag #LPFMquestions. The webinar and presentations materials will be archived afterward at

The Commission also posted a blog entry full of good things to keep in mind as you prepare to apply for an LPFM license. Some crucial details include that you can start filling out the application Form 318 right now, though you can’t file/submit it until Oct. 15.

Also, the Commission provides the reminder that your group doesn’t have to be a 501(c)(3)–as I explained in an earlier post–though, “you must be organized as a nonprofit educational institution, corporation, or entity under your State’s laws, as of the date of the application filing.” But, importantly, the FCC explains

“we will permit organizations in a community to work together to file a single Form 318 application. Alternatively, organizations in a community could apply separately – for the same or different frequency – knowing that they may decide later to aggregate points so they can negotiate a time-share agreement…”

You learn more about LPFM and the upcoming licensing window at our About LPFM page.

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