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Radio Barkas: Europe’s vintage LP radio party car

Radio Barkas

Radio Barkas, all photos: []

Meet Radio Barkas, by its own description: “the smallest mobile radio station in the Netherlands.” I am not sure whether Barkas actually broadcasts via an AM or FM signal. It seems to mostly travel around the Low Countries and the rest of Europe in a tiny green-on-the-inside-grey-on-the-outside Fiat-like automobile.

Inside the vehicle sits a turntable and mixer; atop sets a loudspeaker which broadcasts vintage rock and reggae tunes to throngs of dancing young people. Boxes of ancient LPs from the 1950s and 1960s sit ostentatiously inside the decorated car—Tito Puente, Etta James, even the el Torros!

This is all quite good, I’m sure you’ll agree. Radio Barkas does festivals, events, weddings, street fairs; at last resort, it just goes out on the road and the music happens. Believe it or not, there’s even a “compact version” of the production. Photos and YouTubes below.

Radio Barkas

Radio Barkas


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