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Washed Out, punks, and vampires top August 11 Spinitron playlist

The Spinitron Top 25 Chart is out. Spinitron is a playlist management services company for non-commercial community and college radio stations. Every week Spinitron publishes the top 25 disks played at Spinitron subscriber stations. Here are the top ten spinners:

Number one: Washed Out’s “Paracosm,” with 65 spins, followed by Hunx & His Punx’s “Street Punk” with 55 spins. Daft Punk with “Random Access Memories” came in at number three (53 spins), followed by the Smith Westerns’ “Soft Will” (52). Number five: Boards of Canada’s “Tomorrow’s Harvest” (41). Number six: Mavis Staples’ “One True Vine” (40). Number seven: Gauntlet Hair’s “Stills” (38). Number eight: Gogol Bordello’s “Pura Vida Conspiracy” (38). And numbers nine and ten: The Love Language’s “Ruby Red” and Vampire Weekend’s “Modern Vampires of the City” (38 and 35, respectively).

Popular Paracosm songs included “It Feels All Right” and “Don’t Give Up.” The album got a lot of play at KUOM, Radio Boise, KAOS, and WNMC. “Born Blonde” by Hunx & His Punx was big at KUOM. Selections from “Modern Vampires” were popular at KWVA.

Number 11, BTW, is a Buddy Guy album titled “Rhythm and Blues.” Good to know somebody born in 1936 is still  hot on campus.

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