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Survey: three in ten United Kingdom radio fans now listen by computer

A new Ofcom survey of United Kingdom media trends notes that thirty percent of regular UK radio listeners now tune in via computer. The  bar chart below also indicates that fourteen percent listen via smartphone.

Ofcom radio device chart

Interestingly, although the Ofcom overview indicates that radio reaches the same percentage of the population as it did in 2007, it mentions a YouGov survey that reports that over a quarter of British consumers say their listening has increased:

“28% of listeners claim they now listen to radio more than they did five years ago. While the primary reason for this were lifestyle-related, access to radio through the use of alternative platforms was also a factor. Twenty-seven per cent of respondents claimed that listening online or via a smartphone had led to them listening to more radio. In addition, 26% said that they had found a station or radio programme they really liked, while 17% noted that there were more radio services available now than in the past. This indicates that there is a degree of satisfaction in the wider range of both BBC and commercial radio services available on platforms such as DAB, which has extended listener choice.”

Ofcom on radio listening

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