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How to export a Spotify playlist for your blog

Spotify logoI have no doubt that lots of you Radio Survivor readers are Spotify aficionados, but for the uninitiated, you really should learn how to make a Spotify playlist and export it to your blog. Here are the deets:

First, join Spotify (if you haven’t). It’s free on your PC or Mac desktop.

Second, come up with a playlist idea, then click “new playlist” on the left side of your Spotify screen and give it a name. I’ve just come up with a short playlist called “Songs about cats.”


Third, using the Spotify search engine at the top left of the screen, find your songs. The results will appear in the center of your screen. Drag them over to your playlist.

My cat song list includes “Cool for Cats” by Squeeze, “The Lovecats” by The Cure, “Stray Cat Strut” by The Stray Cats, “Alley Cats” by Hot Chip, and several other less obvious tunes, including Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy,” which mentions cats (“I’m too sexy for my cat . . . “).

Fourth, right click the list. Select “copy embed code.” Here’s what it looks like as code:

<iframe src=”
width=”300″ height=”380″ frameborder=”0″

And here is what it actually looks like on an html page:

Fifth, and last of all, paste it on a page! You get the idea. Go wild! For further inspiration, check out our “Songs about Radio” playlist.

PS: This how-to first appeared on our subscriber newsletter, which is free!

PPS: If you know more cool songs about cats, let us know. I’ll add them to the list.


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