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Siri: your personal radio deejay?

I am checking out this YouTube preview of iTunes radio. Seems like a pretty functional service at first glance. You can customize channels and such, just as you can with Pandora, Spotify, Google All Access and the rest.

But then there is the Siri interface.

“Play Radiohead Radio,” the user commands.

“Station Radiohead Radio playing!” Siri metallically responds.

“Play more like this,” the user adds.

“Ok,” Siri says. “I’ll remember that you like ‘All Apologies’ by Nirvana!”

“Don’t play this song again,” the user says later.

“Got it,” Siri answers. “I’ll remember that you don’t like ‘Hallelujah’ by Jeff Buckley!”

“Play Adele Radio.”

“Looking for Adele . . . OK. Playing station Adele radio!”

The reviewer seems quite smitten with these dialogues, but I’d rather text and click thumbs up or down than verbally negotiate with Hal the Computer while listening to music. That’s just me, of course.


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