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Radio Station Scavenger Hunt – Genre Color Code Signs Part 4

WEFT CD color code sign

WEFT CD color code sign (photo: J. Waits)

Mid-way through my week of radio station genre charts, I started to realize that “charts” isn’t really the most accurate way to describe the music genre signage that I’ve spotted at various radio stations. I guess it’s more appropriately a music genre categorization schematic or a legend or a key. Genre “charts” are more likely to be the top 10 lists that stations submit to CMJ or other publications.

In any event, I’ve seen many similar-looking genre category signs in my travels. Here’s another one. This “CD color code” sign is from community radio station WEFT-FM in Champaign, Illinois. I visited the station last summer during my trip to the Grassroots Radio Conference. Tomorrow I will feature one more music genre sign and then next week the radio station scavenger hunt will continue with a new item.


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