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Radio Station Scavenger Hunt – Genre Charts Part 3

Family Radio's Music Genre Chart

Family Radio’s Record Library Designation List (photo: J. Waits)

I was probably the only person who visited Family Radio headquarters during the pre-Judgment Day media frenzy in May 2011 who was interested in seeing the guts of the network’s radio station. I got the grand tour and was intrigued to see that the long-time Christian radio network had a large collection of music. In fact, portions of the broadcast day at Family Radio are made up of religious music. I was also told that the network used to air classical music blocks and there are still quite a few vinyl classical albums in various parts of the station.

In this “record library designation” sign, one can get a sense of some of the categories of music that Family Radio currently plays. Although there’s a reference to a color-coding system (and one can see colored tape on vinyl throughout the station), I don’t have details about what color tape corresponds to what type of music.


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