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What is Radio? conference podcasts, for those who couldn’t be there

What is Radio? bannerI am jealous that my Radio Survivor colleagues Jennifer and Matthew were both able to attend the What is Radio? conference this past weekend in Portland, OR, while I could not. Nevertheless, I am glad that they were able to represent, and am really pleased that this important conference took place.

For those of us who couldn’t make it, five journalism students at the University of Oregon recorded a series of short podcast interviews with some of the presenters and conference attendees. You can listen to Jeff Jacoby, Associate Professor of Audio and Radio at San Francisco State University, discuss “Radio Pedagogy in a Post-Radio Era,” or hear Monica De La Torre talk about “Women’s role in the first Spanish-language non-commercial station in the US.”

I know that the “What Is?” conference intends to take up a different topic each time out. But I hope that there is a follow up gathering for all the radio scholars and enthusiasts who made this conference possible.


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