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SF Music Tech Summit Attendees Delve into Future of Music

SFMusicTechSF Music Tech Summit is happening all day today at the Kabuki Hotel in San Francisco. Panelists are debating the future of music, sharing the latest music technology, and counting down the minutes for the after-parties tonight.

Although I wasn’t able to make it to the conference in person, I did catch a bit of it through their live webcast on UStream this morning. On the Music Discovery panel and the Clear Visions for a Cloudy Future panel I heard mention of radio, social media, and digital tools. Additionally, there was discussion about social music discovery and that for young people, sharing You Tube links seems to be the modern day equivalent of their parents sharing records and tapes with friends. No specific data points were shared to support this and one panelist even pointed out that it’s important to take care when sharing anecdotal reports like this.

Later in the day I saw a bit of a demo session. Various folks demonstrated music technology projects that they had created at a recent Music Hack Day in San Francisco. First up was a leap motion controller tool that allowed users to wave hands (in gestures reminiscent of a Theremin player) over a small device in order to control music and visuals.

Right now (from 3:30 to 4:30pm Pacific time), viewers from home can watch a session (see the schedule PDF) about live concert streaming. Since I was only able to see the streamed sessions, I didn’t get a sense of where radio (in all forms) fit into the discussion across all of the panels, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing a variety of recaps of the event from the many journalists and bloggers in attendance. For the moment, you can get a quick look at initial thoughts from the attendees and participants on Twitter.

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