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Over two dozen new DJs poised to join Ohio college radio station

WBGU 88.1 FMCollege radio station WBGU of Bowling Green University, Ohio, says that no less than 25 new DJs have passed their training exam. “Once they complete their studio observation hours they’ll have a cool new show on WBGU!” the station promises on its Twitter page.

That’s quite a lot of DJs joining the current list of 22. I can’t recall hearing of so many produced in a single fell swoop, like,   anywhere. Looks like they were all mustered through in a giganto-one day / all day training marathon held on Saturday in one of the big lecture halls on campus.

As the signal explains on its about page, WBGU offers listeners in the Ohio Black Swamp area “the opportunity to hear music which is an alternative to the format offerings of commercial radio stations in the region.” Formats include Indie rock, Jazz, Hip hop, Electronic, World, Folk, Metal, Punk, Industrial, Goth, Experimental, Blues, Country, Latin, and Turntablism.



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  1. Hunter King February 4, 2013 at 8:13 am #

    We’ve had crops that large or larger at WTUL, but often it’s a big scare for the program manager, who has had to triple-up DJs in a single two-hour slot. We’re trying to be a bit more selective.

    What’s really impressive here is that they’re doubling their staff!

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