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Whistling Prince Albert at Radio Valencia

Two Sundays ago I was hanging out at free form radio station Radio Valencia in San Francisco, and in walked jazz singer/guitarist Meredith Axelrod. Axelrod spoke with the Gramophoney Baloney show’s DJ McShmormac, then schmoozed some more with DJ Ferrara and Malderor and Dr. Junk.

Of course we all wanted Axelrod to sing. As a bonus, she whistled as well, doing a great rendition of “Blues in a Bottle” by Prince Albert Hunt. You can enjoy the live music at the end of this podcast (around 2:36:45 by my mp3 download).

If you want to hear more of Meredith, she’s posted her gig schedule here. I took some photos of her performance, montaged below.

Meredith Axelrod

Meredith Axelrod singing and whistling “Blues in a Bottle” at; photos by Matthew Lasar


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