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Want a new FM station? Auction set for April, 2013

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Looking to start a new commercial FM station? How about in a small market like Presidio, TX, Prairie City, OR or West Salem, IL? Then start gathering your pennies, because the FCC will be auctioning off 112 licenses this coming April. You’ll need to make up your mind about participating by February 6, 2013, which is the filing window deadline.

You’ll also need to have an upfront payment ready to wire transfer by March 18. This upfront is equal to the minimum opening bid for the frequency you want, ranging from $500 for a station at 95.9 FM in Dickens, TX (pop. 332) to $75,000 for a shot at 100.3 FM in Lake Park, FL (pop. 9,080).

Any potential bidders should be aware that it’s up to you to do your research ahead of time to check out the acceptable geographic areas where a transmitter can be sited, in addition to any other technical limitations that might exist for the frequency in question. All of these rules, and more, are outlined in the FCC’s public notice. The list of all 112 frequencies up for auction are available in an attachment.


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