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Two weekends of radio, podcast and sound arts conferences

I’m a little bummed and surprised that I only found out these two radio and sound art conferences this afternoon.

free103point9 is hosting the Transmission Arts Colloquium this weekend at its Wave Farm Study Center in New York State’s Hudson Valley. The Center is home to community radio station WGXC which dedicates much of its programming to the exploration of sound and transmission arts. Amongst the participants is friend of Radio Survivor and sometimes contributor, John Anderson. Panelists were given one of three statements or questions to answer during the event’s panels. These questions cover such topics as

What is your definition of the contemporary in transmission arts?

How do transmission artists approach the deep and unavoidable philosophical tension between utopian dreams of union and the status of interference and noise?

How can we work toward sustainability?

You can tune in to the colloquium at free103point9’s website.

The first LA Podcast Festival is also taking place this weekend. The organizers say they’re celebrating podcasting because the medium is

all about eliminating the middle man and having the broadcaster talk directly to the audience. There are no filters, no gatekeepers, and no rules. Just the talent and the audience.

The festival is featuring live podcasts, a standup comedy show and panels about podcasting “hosted by experts from both sides of the curtain.” As you might guess from that description, the festival has a heavy comedy emphasis, based upon the popularity of comedy podcasts and the sheer number of comedians who have taken to the medium.

There are plenty of events left today and Sunday, so if you’re in the LA area you still can catch a lot of the fest.

Luckily I can give you a week’s reminder for WFMU’s Radio Video festival, which “>we first covered in August. That fest takes place next weekend, Oct. 19 – 20 in New York City. The lineup includes public radio personalities, podcasters and other audio artists.

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