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Podcast Survivor: Seth Godin’s Startup School #2

Seth Godin's Startup SchoolPodcast review: Seth Godin’s Startup School #2 – Adjusting the Course

Rating 4 /5

I have to admit that I was inspired to start writing these podcast reviews after listening to episode #2 of Seth Godin’s Startup School. In this episode Godin discusses some of the questions that an entrepeneur should ask about her prospective business. Importantly, one big question is what is that group who want your product or service, who will be your client? What is the story they’re telling themselves?

While listening I was reminded that I think there’s a huge chasm where there should be coverage and commentary about podcasts. You can find reviews of whole series, but you don’t know, by and large, if any individual episode is worth listening to. Furthermore, the reviews in places like iTunes are only one or two lines, and not particularly articulate.

I want to find and and listen to good, new podcasts, but I don’t want to waste time picking through crappy episodes. What I want are episode reviews, so that’s why I’m writing them.

Godin’s second question in this podcast is: has your target group ever spent money for what you’re selling? Oops, maybe I started writing these reviews too soon.

But.. wait! Godin goes on to say that people can also pay with time, attention and trust! So I hope that you trust my opinion and will check out episode #2 of Startup School if you’re interested in entrepreneurship or starting your own business.

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