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New online radio software touts ease for visually impaired deejays says that Samvibe Internet radio software allows for easy interfacing with screen reader programs.

A new Internet radio package called Samvibe crossed my radar the other day. Produced by Spacial, it’s a cloud based system that allows the user to easily upload music and sounds, then set rotation rules for all kinds of entertainment channels.

But what makes Samvibe different from other packages is that it brands itself as easier to use for visually impaired broadcasters. “SAM VIBE works with screen reader software and large fonts make reading text easier,” the press release says. “The color scheme is color-blind friendly and optimized for contrast.”

The screen reader that Samvibe recommends is JAWS, which reads screen content aloud or provides for Braille output.

You can purchase as much as 100GB of content with your account for $75 a month. There’s also a free introductory package that limits you to 1GB, about 250 or so tracks. We’d be interested in hearing from any Radio Survivor readers who have tried the service.



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One Response to New online radio software touts ease for visually impaired deejays

  1. Sangeeta Uppaladinni October 13, 2012 at 10:12 am #

    SAM Vibe helps create a level playing field in online radio broadcasting with this software, as SAM Vibe’s unique selling proposition which sets it apart is that it has been specially adapted for people who are visually impaired. I am legally blind and love music, so I tried SAM Vibe and I was amazed how easy it was to set up with the clear instructions provided. I managed to view it effortlessly as it offered a clean contrast layout with large fonts. I hardly used any specialized software at all, but SAM Vibe is accessible for those who use JAWS etc for online listening and viewing. For more details about SAM Vibe, click on this link for more information: Right now, I am going back to downloading music and streaming it live from SAM Vibe! Cheers – Sangeeta Uppaladinni (UK)

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