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Yikes! Helmet cam video shows 1768-foot broadcast tower climb

I’m not particularly scared of heights, but watching this video definitely raised my heart rate. It’s a helmet-camera view from a tower worker scaling a 1768-foot broadcast tower to perform maintenance. The first 1600 feet are in an elevator, but the last 60 are a “free climb” without safety harnesses.

I know the video has made the rounds before. But I just saw it for the first time, and its obvious radio connection merits mention here at Radio Survivor. In fact, the video’s assertions about free climbing being easier, faster and permitted under OSHA rules provoked some controversy in the broadcast and wireless communications world. The Chairman of the National Association of Tower Erectors (yes, that’s a real trade group) told that he was, “unaware of any guidance by OSHA that allows for free climbing as an acceptable method of accessing elevated work.”

It’s a breathtaking video, and amazing work, whether or not any free climbing is involved. Think of these brave workers the next time you tune in your radio.


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