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WFMU doc kickstarts into gear; Radiovision Festival announced

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Sometimes I feel like WFMU news should be its own category here at Radio Survivor, due to the station’s constant innovation and newsworthiness.

First up, I can report that the Kickstarter for the WFMU documentary Freeform or Death–which I reported on in June–ended successfully last month. 736 backers pledged 61% more than producer Tim K. Smith asked for, racking up $81,640 to help complete the film. By surpassing the $67,700 he also qualified for a $13,000 matching grant. In his most recent project update Smith says that he’s aiming to have a version of the film completed by the end of the year, “so that we will be ready for the 2013 spring festival circuit.”

WFMU has also announced its 2nd Radiovision Festival, scheduled to take place October 20 in New York City. Few details are announced, aside from the featured speakers and artists, Mark Frauenfelder, Anna Troberg and Silvain Gire.

Last year Jennifer interviewed WFMU’s general manager Ken Freedman about the inaugural festival. He told Jennifer that Radiovision came about because,

“I want to offer something to people who are interested in radio and music, but in a forward-looking fashion. A lot of radio and music draw exclusively from the past. I was also frustrated by a lot of the tech/media conferences I’ve been going to, with their focus on fear and legalities and theory, as opposed to a focus on practice and technique.”

I will be looking forward to seeing the festival schedule develop. It just might be a good excuse to make an NYC trip.

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