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Supporters help Free Speech Radio News reach funding goal

Radio Survivor readers might recall that the independent daily news half-hour Free Speech Radio News began an emergency fund-raising campaign in May in order to close a $75,000 budget gap. Last week FSRN announced that the goal had been matched and surpassed in July.

Development director Alan Searle says that, “it is important to note that FSRN made it through our recent cash flow problem thanks to the generosity of hundreds of our listeners and many affiliated stations.”

He says that FSRN position was further improved because their “major funder”–presumably the Pacifica Foundation–made payments bringing them current through July. Provided that these payments continue to be made on schedule and listener donations continue at the rate of about $5,000 a month, then FSRN “will avoid another crisis.”

I have not been shy in signing the praises of FSRN, which continues to produce excellent daily coverage of un- and under-reported stories about people’s struggle for freedom, justice and equality around the world. That the staff and reporters of FSRN have been able to do this independently and non-commercially for more than a decade is nothing short of remarkable and admirable.

I am very pleased to see FSRN meet its most recent financial needs, and certainly hope continued funding comes through.



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