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Roll over Boothoven! inside’s bot revolution

The Boothoven bot

Meet “boothoven[bot]”: a helper.

I spent some time in Hong Kong and Japan in July, and when I came back, a minor revolution had taken place at my favorite room: Classical of Any Kind (or COAK as the regulars call it).

I guess you could call it a BOT revolution. The name of the BOT is called “boothoven[bot].” The software for it was written by Alain Gilbert, Jason, Michael Frick, and David Haslem.

What does the boothoven[bot] bot do? It automates a whole lot of COAK processes. Among them:

—Boothoven keeps a list of the room’s most popular selections (eg, the number of “awesomes” and “lames”). So when there is only one DJ on the deck (which normally causes the room to go silent), boothoven starts playing tunes.

—Boothoven automatically boots trolls who come into the room and try to play pieces in other genres (eg, dubstep). I’ve seen boothoven do this with amazing speed, far faster than I could do it (and I consider myself an excellent troll booter).

—Boothoven feeds links to the chat line on command. These include links to the room rules, the room Facebook page, and a list of emoticons that chatters can deploy.

The code runs via node.js—a JavaScript software system for writing applications on the Net. A number of services offer free hosting for the system.

Here are all the listed chat commands:

/skip – Skip my current song

/bop – ‘Awesome’ the current song

/songinfo – Display current song information

/removeme – Removes DJ from stage after current song [this allows a DJ

/playlistinfo – Display my playlist length

/rules – Link to room rules

/forum – Link to Turntable Classical forum

/fb – Link to COAK on Facebook

/icons – Link to Emoji cheat sheet

/about – Display bot information Favorite artists Restricted commands (for authorized users):

/addsong – Add the current song to my playlist

/deletesong – Delete my current song from my playlist

/refresh – Exit and reenter the room

To my mind, this software is a tremendous step forward for and COAK. It means that I can always access great classical music from the room, even if nobody else is there at the moment. I can also count on the room never (or at least rarely) being hijacked by trolls.

I don’t hang out in a lot of other rooms. If you are using this technology in yours, send us a comment on how it is working!

(Thanks to user :elephant::dash:: for helping me with this article).

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